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It’s time to take advantage of the savings with LED lighting.

The benefits of LED lighting in your home or office are being heralded in local papers, magazines, blogs, the news and the Internet. But despite all this there’s a surprising amount of misinformation out there so what are the real advantages of upgrading to LEDs?

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  • Save up to 70 % on your Energy Bill
  • Bright LED Lighting
  • Free Lighting Design Service With Relux Design Support.
  • Energy Saving Calculation provided to determine savings

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We at Auraled, see the benefits to our customers and end users daily

Here at Auraled, we see these benefits to our customers and end users on a daily basis. Whilst there are plenty of advantages in warehouse and residential installations, we have seen particular advantages in retail premises where the temperatures get so high with conventional lighting (not to mention the electricity bills) that some stores where having to keep the doors open even in winter months. We often work with specifiers and architects to provide advice and solutions to particular lighting requirements to ensure prompt payback periods and energy saving on installations. We also ensure that the quality of our goods coming out of the factories are of the highest standard which gives our customers the confidence in our products. We are also able to provide completely bespoke LED solutions to our customers thanks to our hands-on approach.

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